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HattieEmpowers: Empowerment Advocate

Hattie is a proud CUNY alumna and has earned her Master’s degree in
Social Work from the Hunter Silberman School of Social Work, a Bachelor’s
degree from John Jay College in criminology, and her Associate’s degree
in paralegal studies from LaGuardia Community College. In 2019, Hattie
founded HattieEmpowers, LLC because of her passion for inspiring,
uplifting, and empowering humans. In 2021, Hattie became a certified
holistic coach to further solidify her passion for helping people. Hattie
provides empowerment workshops for communities, institutions, youth
groups, and organizations seeking to uplift their community. Hattie provides
individual and couple empowerment sessions. Hattie also provides one-on-one
coaching packages for women between the ages of 25-60 to empower
them to develop healthy relations and guide women through difficult
Most importantly, Hattie is a dedicated mother who enjoys doing
purposeful work that she can pour into her daughters Damiah and Danay.
She did not realize how their lives would impact her to become a better
human and pour more into people's service work. Hattie loves to smile,
laugh, and dance. She will dance anywhere as if no one is watching. She has
a great sense of humor and does not believe in taking life too seriously, as it
is hard enough without the extra added stress. She loves to eat as much as
she loves to work out and enjoys staying connected to her village and the
authentic love and peace they provide for her. Although she always wanted
to be an attorney Hattie finds purpose, and passion in the work she does
 professionally and personally.

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