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HattieEmpowers: Empowerment Advocate

My name is Hattie and I am a lover of human beings! I’m intentional in Empowering, Inspiring and Uplifting all those whom choose to allow me into their space. Although, my plan was to become an Attorney my path lead me to Social Work and if you know me you know how much I love this work. 

I am transparent, I give off tough love with compassion. I have real conversions with those whom I come across. I create a safe space to allow those who choose to change their narrative, lens and even heart because they’re willing to do the work. All I ask is when you come to me or if I come to you, your guard is down and you’re willing to be unmasked and open to your personal journey. 

I am not your average social worker because I do not follow all the rules. I uphold the code of ethics however, I also understand we are all wonderfully and uniquely made. Some folks and communities need to be loved on differently. Meaning, it may not look how our institutions or books told us it should look. I am an advocate for those I service and will openly challenge those whom don’t understand.  Even if they’re the ones that sign my check. I am okay with not always being polished because I am real and don’t feel the need to conform to what some folks may feel is more “professional.” I do the work, I believe in the process so I welcome the challenge as well. 

I aim to support your community, youth development programs, educational institutions, staff for professional development, small community groups, adult programs and facilitators with workshops that can support them in creating mentally healthy humans. It takes a village and I am just trying to be apart of yours. The tag in is worth it, you are worth it, your community in which you aim to service is worth it. 

Please allow me to service your community!

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